Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Big Old Movie Debate

After lots of recent rumours of Hollywood movies it seemed only fitting that we do a poll to find out whether the fans as a whole would be down with this. The results arent what I expected, but were interesting nonetheless. Here they are:

11% of the people who voted said that they would like to see a Doctor Who Movie made, but would prefer to have it done with a cast different to the one currently starring on the show. Eccleston and Tennant were both mentioned, as were Hollywood stars such as Ewan McGregor and Orlando Bloom.

34% of people said that although they would be happy with a movie being made, they would only really want to see whoever the current cast is starring in it. No old Doctors, not big Hollywood names, just whoever the current Doctor and companion is when making it.

55% of you however, said that it doesnt matter who makes it, writes it, or stars in it, it just shouldnt be made. the majority of people who tweeted us said that they were happy with the TV show and that that was enough, with a film not needing to be made. Many also felt it would just be a money making operation and would compromise the show.

Do you agree with these results? Let us know below!


  1. I'd like to see all the last 4 doctors in the movie... why not? they don't really have to interact with each other... Just love to see Doctor Who on a movie screen actually. Wouldn't even mind Johnny Depp as the Doctor, for that matter.

  2. I think a multiple doctor story is the only way they could justify a film. Otherwise I think they'd struggle to find a big enough story to justify a film.

  3. The Time War with McGann as the Doctor might be a good idea, but I fear that it wouldn't get a big enough budget at present :(