Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Regeneration Limit Leaked

That's right guys. After years of speculation about what will happen once the 13th incarnation of the Doctor meets his end, we were told that it would finally be addressed in an upcoming episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

So does he get an extra five? Was the limit removed? How is it going to be covered I hear you scream. Well its pretty simple really. And it is either going to infuriate people, or make them extremely happy but this is apparantly how it will go.

During the SJA episode, Clyde is going to turn and ask the Doctor how many times he can regenerate. He replies that there is no limit, and then they move on without a second mention.

So there you have it. Happy? Annoyed? Let us know below.


  1. The people at Doctor Who Spoiler Page say that the Doctor says he can regenerate 507 times. If true Guardian (original source) is probably assuming that's no different than infinity. Sick of fannish whinging about this already - did they do it when limit first mentioned in "Deadly Assassin".

  2. Im not sure what the Doctor Who Spoiler Page is, but they are just as likely to be wrong as the Guardian. If you are sick of fannish whinging, of which there is none on this page, then stop reading about it. People have as much right to be annoyed by it as you do to not be.

  3. But why get so uptight about it? There is no 'canon'. Nothing is et in stone. Since the show began, things have changed, been adopted or adopted for a period of time. It took til the Second Doctor before we knew he was a Time Lord, it took til the Third Doctor (In the Time Warrior) in 1974 that we knew his hoe planet was Gallifrey, it took til 1976 and the Fourth Doctor that Time Lords supposedly had 13 lives.

    Then, that fact was mentioned a handful of times, notabbly during JNT's era, for 20 years & last mentioned in the TV Movie in 1996. It's never been referred to since the show came back in 2005.

    My point? Things change on the show as much as they stay the same and people have to accept it or move on. As fellow Whovian's have pointed out, the Second Doctor said in The War Games that a Time Lord could live indefinitely barring accident. So was he wrong?

    Seems to me the ones that are moaning the loudest need to check back in the history of the show and realise what they take as an unbreakable 'rule' of the show wasn't always the case.

  4. Please, for the record: unlimited regenerations does not mean "immortal". Captain Jack is immortal i.e. can not be killed. Period. The Doctor can die if he is fatally wounded before he can regenerate, or if he chooses not to regenerate.

  5. When I wrote immortal in the poll question, it was only because I had limited space and I figured people would know what I meant, thats why I stuck in 'essentially' before it :D

  6. Damn, Doctor, help a brother out and post that "infinite lives" cheat code! We'd do it for you! ;)

  7. It's fine. What do people want, for the show to end when 13 dies? It was a Time Lord imposed rule, Time Lords are gone, regen limit is gone. So the Second Doctor was also right when he said they could live forever "barring accidents". Sort of. Happy everyone? :)

  8. River Song best sums up my thoughts on this subject:

    "Rule one: The Doctor lies."