Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Cumberbatch Still Talking Who

Despite having his own show to promote, Benedict Cumberbatch seems determined to keep riding off the back of Doctor Who. After saying late last week that he would only accept a major part in the show, preferrably the lead, he has now gone on record claiming that he was actually first choice for the role, but decided to turn it down.

It's been claimed that after being offered the role, he spoke with David Tennant about the offer, but ultimately decided against taking it.

"David and I talked about it but I thought it would have to be radically different. And anyway I didn't really like the whole package - being on school lunchboxes."

Steven Moffat has previously claimed that despite seeing many good actors, the only person he ever wanted for the role was Matt Smith, who 'blew him away' with his audition.


  1. trivia: cumberbatch was also kenneth branagh's first choice to play henry V, rowan atkinson's first choice to play queen elizabeth, and lord dempsey hinglepinker fropping's first choice to play his ornamental hermit. he turned down all of those roles as well.

  2. The only thing this moron has been first choice to play is a turd in a portable loo. Secondly, no one wants his picture on their lunchbox because they want to eat their lunch, not puke it up. Third, the only time this guy talked to David Tennant was when he stole a magazine with David's picture on the cover. And finally, plumbernatch needs to shut his ugly trap, move on with his life and gtfo because Who fans don't want a little weaselly nobody who needs take his fat ugly head and give it a good flush down the nearest potty. I sincerely hope he understands that the only part he is suitable for on Who is a slitheen's watery diarrhea.