Thursday, 5 August 2010

The Ultimate Companion

For the last two weeks you have all been voting in various polls, whittling all of the Doctors companions down and finding your favourites to put through to the Ultimate Companion Poll.

Eleven contenders were chosen, and despite a false start due to some cheating, we finally managed to get a fair result, and I can now officially reveal who you chose as the Ultimate Companion.

Rory Williams received 1% of the votes
Susan received 1% of the votes
Tegan received 1% of the votes
Romana 1 received 2% of the votes
Jo Grant received 3% of the votes
Jamie Mcrimmon reveived 4% of the votes
Peri Brown receoved 4% of the votes
Ace reveived 6% of the votes
Wilfred Mott received 7% of the votes
Rose Tyler received 19% of the votes

And so the character you crowned Ultimate Companion, taking over half of the total votes with 52%, is Donna Noble.

The last full time companion of the Tenth Doctor, Donna seems to have been taken to many peoples hearts. With Ten winning the Ultimate Doctor poll, it would seem that the perfect pairing on the show was of course Ten and Donna. What do you think of these results? Did the right person win? Let us know.


  1. Nope =)

    I suggest the result is linked to the fact that Donna was the most recent companion of a Doctor that most people considered theirs and therefore is the freshest in their mind.

    Perhaps an Ultimate Classic Companion poll could also be held? As including Newer characters is never fair.

    Oh and how about a battle of the Time Lords/Ladies. aka not The Doc... Maybe not The Master either...?

    I'm just making life difficult! ^.^

  2. well, Donna is my personal favorite, so IMO, yes, the right one was chosen lol. (=

  3. I agree with 2cajuman2 - and we've spoken about this before on twitter - it was always going to be a new companion winning this, as a lot of people don't know anything beyond "New Who" and for others, yeah, it'll be the freshest companion in their mind, from a Doctor they loved.

    I'd like to see a classics poll as well, for the Doctor as well as for companions.
    How about this for an "out there" poll - best console room design.