Sunday, 19 June 2011

Join The Infinite Quest - The Dalek Invasion Of Earth

This weeks story in The Infinite Quest is The Dalek Invasion Of Earth.

The TARDIS materialises in London sometime after the year 2164. Dalek invaders are now ruling the Earth with the aid of humans converted into zombie-like Robomen, but they are opposed by a group of resistance fighters led by the wheelchair-bound Dortmun.

The travellers discover that the Daleks have established a huge mine in Bedfordshire, their aim being to remove the Earth's core using a huge bomb and replace it with a powerful drive system so that they can pilot the planet around the galaxy. Ian manages to create a barrier in the shaft in order to intercept the bomb. The resulting explosion destroys the Daleks and their mine and creates a huge volcanic eruption.

Susan has fallen in love with resistance fighter David Campbell, and the Doctor decides to leave her on Earth to find a new life with him, while he continues on his travels with Ian and Barbara.

Come on over to the forum, where you will find the videos for this story if you don't own the DVD's and watch along with us. The story will change in seven days so you have a whole week to watch and post your thoughts and opinions.

To join in, check out The Infinite Quest Section of The Doctor In The TARDIS Forum

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