Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Arthur Darvill Gets Screen Credit

Although its been speculated for a while now, and reported on by us, it has officially been confirmed to us that Arthur Darvill will be considered a full time companion from the Christmas special onwards, finally getting a screen credit for his role as Rory Williams.

Throughout the duration of series 5 of the show, Arthur was listed as a guest star for his 7 appearances. As we reported earlier this week, both companions will be travelling in the TARDIS at Christmas, with a third expected to join during series 6, but now his inclusion in the titles firmly cements his position in the show.

In Monday's daily poll, our results showed that 46% of our readers were happy to see Rory and Amy as companions for the next year.


  1. I'm excited! What news source did you get this from?

  2. Hooray! I adore Rory!

    Amy and Rory as companions together. This is brilliant!

  3. Wish it was JUST Rory and not Amy, god she's annoying!

  4. Yeah, ditch Karen. She's turned out to be a bit of a damp squib after the first few episodes.

    Could be the writing, of course - Chris (cliche) Chibnall {shudder} - but Arthur has more than two facial expressions and one of them *isn't* trying to blow up an invisible balloon, which is Karen's default 'sexy pout' look in the majority of her photos.

  5. Keep Rory get rid of Amy! I CAN'T STAND HER!!!

  6. Also, when we see Gillan out of character and in interviews, she's come across as a bit thick and quite up herself too. "Ooh, Matt's all over me on the set, but I think he gets the message that I'm not available." (Radio Times)

    It's called flirting sweetheart, so he can pretend you have a relationship on the show.

    Matt could so obviously do a lot better, so putting down the main guy to publicly prop up your own fragile little ego is pretty feeble.

    Face it love, you're only there for your legs and we're already bored of them.

  7. I blame the writing, Karen is not that bad. Yay for Rory though!

  8. yay rory stays

  9. As a hige Rory fan I'm pleased to hear this. Arthur fully deserves his screen credit! But I agree with you guys, Amy is just SO ANNOYING!

    For example, in Victory of the Daleks, when the Doctor warns her how dangerous the Daleks are (and he's quite obviously very serious), yet she just walks up to it without a care in the world! And in Flesh and Stone, at the start, when he's quite obviosuly uncomfortable. So, of course, she makes him stay.

    And what sort of person starts snogging someone else on the eve of her wedding? I feel sorry for Rory having to put up with her. In fact, I'd prefer it if we had young Amy in the TARDIS; Caitlin Blackwood's Amy is much better than Karen's. Though this may just be down to the writing.