Monday, 2 August 2010

Matt Smith Snubbed?

Fans of the newest incarnation of the Doctor are unhappy with the results of of the Portal Awards, hosted by Airlock Alpha, after the actor was apparantly 'snubbed' in favour of David Tennant.

The show itself swept the boards picking up many of the biggest gongs but fans are unhappy that despite Karen Gillen, Alex Kingston and episodes of series 5 being up for nomination, Matt was overlooked in favour of David Tennant in the catagory of Best Actor for the role of the Doctor.

It seems that the hosts have decided to take some of the 2009 Specials and some of Series 5 and mixed them together in differing catagories in order to get their results.

The awards won by the show are:

Best series - Doctor Who
Best Actor - David Tennant
Best Supporting Actor - Bernard Cribbins for The End Of Time
Best Guest Star - Alex Kingston for The Time Of Angels/Flesh and Stone
Best Episode - Telvision - The End Of Time
Gene Roddenberry Award for Lifetime Acheivement - Russell T. Davies for Doctor Who

Karen Gillan was nominated for Best Actress, but lost out to Eve Myles for Torchwood


  1. Nothing in series 5 could ever hope to match up to the calibre of writing and acting in the 2009 specials. I find it utterly laughable that people are affronted because they truly believe that Smith's acting so far could hold a candle to Tennant's.

  2. It's probably best that Matt wasn't nominated. DT would have crushed him.

    "Karen Gillan was nominated for Best Actress, but lost out to Eve Myles for Torchwood" --
    This makes me so happy. Talent won against Legs!

  3. Matt Smith is a far, far better actor than Tennant can ever hope to be. Season 5 was absolutely amazing, and that was largely due to Mr. Smith's talented performances. He deserved to win this year; hopefully next year he will.

  4. While I don't want this awesome site to turn into the world of hate other Who sites have become, I have to disagree on both counts, Debbie. DT is a far better actor at this stage in his career. And I'm not just talking Who here.
    The guy is brilliant.
    MS may well get that good with age, but right this very second?
    Nope. But he's by no means rubbish either.

    Also, s5 was most certainly not amazing.
    It was for the most part dumbed down & too kiddified.
    The finale was very, very good, however.

    I'm also very pleased Eve Myles won, good on her.
    Karen Gillan isn't that good.

  5. OMFG Alex Kingston ... I Love her.

    Matt Smith is great but DT was Doctor Who for 4 years.

    Fandom Doctor Who is crazy and annoying sometimes, is like we need to choose between RTD and Moffat era.. really, is all Doctor Who...

    I really like series 5, but series 4 is my favorite, but series 5 is better than series 3 and 2

  6. and, i'd like to add, rowan atkinson's nuanced and honestly brilliant portrayal of the doctor gets overlooked yet again. the universe is a cold, heartless place.

  7. There's opinions and then there's wrong. Anyone who says Matt Smith is a better actor than Tennant is plain and simple wrong. So wrong, it's almost embarrassing.

  8. David Tennant was awful, his acting was so forced and unnatural, cringeworthy. I only watched the show then because I enjoyed the ideas. Now I enjoy Doctor Who 100% now that Matt Smith has taken over.

    Also I like how this series has got a bit less PC than the last ones

  9. I guess I'll add my 2 cents? Okay, so, Matt Smith is by no means a terrible actor. In fact, he is very, very good. He's an amazing Doctor, and I am really enjoying his take on it. He's definitely in the right business. David Tennant, however, is fantastic! Maybe KNOW Matt Smith will reach the 'fantastic' level one day, because he is already very good! But right now? David Tennant is just a few steps better.

    Still, I do think it's kinda unfair that Matt Smith wasn't nominated in the first place.


    I'm sooooo glad Eve Myles won "best actress." Karen Gillan, IMO, is not THAT great of an actress. She's just good.

    and YAY Bernard Cribbens and Alex Kingston! <3

    But really, "End of Time" winning best episode over "Children of Earth??" Really? Well, I don't agree with that, but okay.

  10. "There's opinions and then there's wrong. Anyone who says Matt Smith is a better actor than Tennant is plain and simple wrong. So wrong, it's almost embarrassing."

    Um, no Gary. There is no wrong. That is my opinion and I'm by no means embarrassed by it. Tennant's idea of acting is to screw up his face, bug out his eyes, and shout. I found him to be a HORRIBLE Doctor. He looks the same whether he's trying to be funny or serious or sad. He was totally unconvincing as a 900+ year old alien. Matt Smith can convey old man much better than he can and he's a decade younger.

    As for season 5 being dumbed down, I'll take it over planet-towing TARDISes, Doctor clones, buses flying through wormholes, aged/elfin Doctors in a cage brought back by chants of "Doctor", etc. RTD's finales were massive letdowns, and the specials were disappointing. The only good thing about Tennant's reign was Catherine Tate.

    Louisvolk, well put, I completely agree with you.

  11. Well, I'll agree with Debbie 150% on the Doctor Dobby (shudder!!) - I try to blank that from my mind.

    However, you're clearly big on MS so I'm not going to turn it into a mud slinging match.
    You like him, others prefer DT.
    Peter Davison trumps them all though!

    I still have that on my pc. It's great. Utter cheese, but great.

  12. @Debbie It's perfectly fine that you don't like Tennant's portrayal of the Doctor. But saying he's a bad actor is really stupid. Bad actors wouldn't get to play Romeo or Hamlet for the RSC.

    "He looks the same whether he's trying to be funny or serious or sad." -- Are we talking about Matt Smith? Then we can agree on something.