Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Revisitations Box Set

The Revisitations Box Set, available in October, contains three classic Doctor who releases. Some might even argue that they are some of the best classic Doctor Who serials ever made. The fact that all three are already available on DVD however has had many fans claiming that the release is nothing more than a money making exercise. Of course, we would never be so cynical here at The Doctor In The TARDIS.

The seven disc set covers the Fourth Doctor serial The Talons Of Weng Chiang, the Fifth Doctor serial The Caves Of Androzani and the Eighth Doctors only outing in The Television Movie.

Each serial has been remastered and cleaned up since it's original release, and is packed with loads of extras and bonus features. Below is a lost of some of the special features you can expect.

The Talons of Weng-Chiang
3 Discs

- The Last Hurrah a new documentary where producer Philip Hinchliffe visits Tom Baker at his home to discuss their final story together
- Moving On where Hinchliffe talks about what he envisaged for the series had he stayed as producer
- The Foe from the Future, a look at the original story which eventually became The Talons of Weng Chiang
- Now and Then, a tour of the locations used in the story
- Look East with Tom Baker interviewed.
- Whose Doctor Who, presented by Melvyn Bragg - As included on the original release

The Caves of Androzani
2 Discs

- Chain Reaction, a look back at the making of the story
- Directing Who: Then and Now - Graeme Harper talks about the changes in TV Production since he made this story
- Archive footage from The Russell Harty Show featuring an interview with Peter Davison and Colin Baker.

The Television Movie
2 Discs

- An new commentary featuring Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann
- The Seven Year Hitch, looking at the seven year quest to get this story made
- The Wilderness Years, looking at how the show was kept alive during the hiatus between the end of Series 26 and the TV Movie
- Who Peter 1989-2009, the final part of the documentary looking at the special link between the two programmes Doctor Who and Blue Peter
- Stripped for Action, the eighth Doctor in Comic Strip
- Tomorrows Times, how the short reign of the Eighth Doctor was reported by the press at the time.

The box set is released on 6th October and has an RRP of £39.99

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