Thursday, 16 June 2011

Series 6 Ratings Roundup

The first 7 episodes of series 6 have come to an end now, so here is a roundup of all the ratings, AI figures and audience shares for the first half of the series.

The Impossible Astronaut - After a figure of 6.52 on the overnights, over two million people caught the episode on catch up taking the official figure to a huge 8.86 million viewers with a share of 43.3% and a AI of 88.

Day Of The Moon - This episode managed 5.4 on overnights, but climbed to a brilliant 7.3 million on officials, taking a share of 36.7% and an AI of 87.

Curse Of The Black Spot - With 6.2 on the overnights, this episode managed 7.85 million on the officials with a share of 35.5% of the audience and and AI of 86.

The Doctor's Wife - 6.1 was the overnight figure for this, rising to 7.97 on officials with 34.7% share. This episode reached 87 on the AI scale.

The Rebel Flesh - With a 5.7 overnight, the officials for this episode came in at 7.35 million with a 34.1% share and an AI of 85.

The Almost People - Scoring the lowest overnight of the series with 5 million, the officials came in at a more respectable 6.72 million with a share of 29.5%. AI was at 86

A Good Man Goes To War - Overnights peaked at 5.5 but officials saw a huge rise to 7.51 million, taking in a 31% share and an AI of 88.

Overall, after 7 episodes series 6 is averaging an AI of 86.7, making it the second most appreciated series since the show returned in 2005, behind only series 4, an average share of 34.9% and an average of 7.65 million viewers.

For more ratings information, including graphs and analysis, visit THE DOCTOR IN THE TARDIS FORUM

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