Monday, 2 August 2010

Ultimate Companion Wave 11

Another day of voting over, and this time it got personal. We had to pitch current TARDIS team, and husband and wife Amy and Rory against each other to find the favourite companion of the Eleventh Doctor and here are the results.

Amy received 38% of the votes

Which means that going through to the Ultimate Companion Poll is Rory. Well that was quick, wasnt it?

After getting his first ride in the TARDIS as a gift from the Doctor, we saw Rory's character undergo big changes during series 5. After dying in another reality, then dying in this reality, Rory came back to life as an Auton, spent 2000 years looking after a box and then after all that became human again after Big Bang 2. After marrying Amy he went off in the TARDIS and is still currently travelling with the Doctor.

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