Saturday, 3 July 2010

Those Pesky Depp/Doctor Rumours Quashed

Come on, admit it. The thought of Johnny Depp taking on the role of our favourite time traveller sent shivers down your spine. No? Well it should have.

This week the rumour mill has gone into overdrive, with speculation mounting that Russell T Davies is penning a movie script for Doctor Who which will see the famous movie star take on the title role.

According to the source, the movie would have seen The Doctor and his companion going around the world fighting Ebola. Now despite how ridiculous it sounds, it caught on quickly, with many news publications running the story, and thousands of fans believing that it was true.

The BBC however, has released a statement in the hopes of putting these stories to bed, saying the there are no truths to the rumour, and it is all 'pure speculation' and that there are 'no plans'.

But how do you feel about this? Had you warmed to the idea of Depp taking on the role, or are you happy that it was all just a silly rumour? Let us know your thoughts


  1. I absolutely love Johnny Depp. I think he could bring something special to the role. It would be quite good if it was more than just a rumour :)

  2. Although we rate him as an actor, we dont think he should try to take on the role. Any movie should be kept within the TV canon with whoever its current stars are

  3. If they make a Doctor Who movie it MUST have David Tennant in the lead role.

  4. This rumour actually annoyed me (though I didn't know of the RTD involvment) you can't have someone non-British playing doctor it's as mad as getting a Scotsman to play Batman it just ain't right...
    I'm still quite wary of the topic of Who movies after the 95 one killed the franchise for 10 years

  5. Well RTD has released a rather angry statement about being dragged into the rumour and then being left to clean up after it. I will dig it out and post it, but based on his expletive filled rant, he deffinately wont be involved in any Who movie for the forseeable