Saturday, 25 September 2010

Episode Count Won't Be Cut

Moffat has been doing his best to put fans at ease over the split in Series 6 by speaking out to say that dividing the show does not mean that we will eventually see the number of episodes per series cut down.
"My favourite rumour is that this is the BBC’s cunning plan to reduce the number of episodes. Right. Okay. It’s the BBC’s cunning plan to reduce the number of episodes, by going to the extraordinary and fiendish lengths of making exactly the same number of episodes. Quite honestly, you could go over that one a million times, and it still wouldn’t work. My least favourite rumour: this is the BBC’s cunning (but slightly generous) plan to give me enough time to work on Sherlock as well. Okay. . . . The BBC in their cunning and generosity have decided to reduce my workload by the devilishly clever stratagem of . . . making no difference to my workload whatsoever."
Hopefully this will put some peoples mind at ease.

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