Thursday, 9 September 2010

The Moffat Poll

Its been 24 hours since we first askes you to vote and let us know how you feel Moffat has been doing in the role of Showrunner of Doctor Who. Once again you came out in force and here are the results of your votes.

16% of the people who voted said that they felt that Moff had done a bad job since taking over, and many people felt that he was better when he was submitting just one story per series.

18% of the people who voted said that they felt he was inconsistent and although some of series 5 was good, a lot of it wasnt.

66% of voters however, said that they thought he had done a great job with the show, with many people Tweeting to say that the show had improved immensly since he took to the helm.

So there we have it. Let us know of you agree with the results by commenting below.

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