Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Revealing River

In the upcoming Doctor Who Big Book of 2011, Moffat has given a little interview detailing what we can expect from the next series. No mention of the split from what I can see, but he did interestingly refer to the 'Silence' as 'They' rather than it, and also said that it would be revealed early on in the story. On another note though, he had even more to say about River.
“That’s absolutely coming. You’re going to find out very soon, and that means we have to do it next series, really… The critical thing here is I want to explain who she is, not explain away who she is. If you don’t deliver on most people’s expectations, and you just say, ‘Ooh, she’s a specially programmed android who believes she’s the Doctor’s wife,’ people will go, ‘That‘s a cheat.’ Youi can’t do that… It’s a really good story, and it’s sort of the story of next year.”

So at least we know she isnt just a specially programmed android who thinks she is married to the Doctor. Or is it just a double bluff? Let us know your thoughts below.

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