Thursday, 5 January 2012

Unit Files Box Set Release


Coming to DVD on January 12th is the Unit Files Box Set, a 3 disc, 2 story set featuring offerings from both the Third and Fourth Doctors.

The two serials contained in the set are the 1974 Third Doctor serial Invasion of the Dinosaurs and the 1975 Fourth Doctor serial The Android Invasion.

The selected stories have caused debate amongst fans about whether they were the best candidates to feature in a 'UNIT' release, but with so few stories remaining unreleased they are possibly the most fitting without rereleasing older stories again.

The set is available from next Thursday, and Amazon are currently offering the set HERE for £22.47, though prices around the web may vary depending on where you purchase. Extras on the release include:

Doctor Who: Invasion of the Dinosaurs

Starring: Jon Pertwee , Elisabeth Sladen , Nicholas Courtney

Directed by: Paddy Russell
Produced by: Barry Letts
Written by: Malcolm Hulke

Returning to London, the Doctor and Sarah Jane find a city almost completely devoid of life. The civilian population has been evacuated in the wake of an unimaginable event: somehow dinosaurs have returned to terrorize the Earth.

Special Features:

• Audio Commentary
• People, Power and Puppetry
• Deleted Scenes
• Now and Then
• John Levene’s Commentary
• Doctor Who Stories: Elizabeth Sladen Part 1
• Billy Smart’s Circus
• Photo Gallery
• PDF materials: Radio Times Listings
• Production Note Subtitles
• Digitally remastered picture and sound quality

Doctor Who: The Android Invasion

Starring: Tom Baker , Elisabeth Sladen
Directed by: Barry Letts
Produced by: Philip Hinchcliffe
Written by: Terry Nation

When the TARDIS lands in the sleepy English village of Devesham, Sarah Jane thinks the Doctor has finally got her back home. But all is not as it seems – the village is unusually deserted and deadly white-suited spacemen patrol the countryside. When the dead begin to come back to life, the Doctor decides to contact UNIT. But their UNIT friends are also dangerously changed.

Special Features:

• Audio Commentary
• The Village That Came to Life
• Life After Who – Philip Hinchcliffe
• Tie-in Weetabix commercial
• Photo Gallery
• PDF materials: Radio Times Listings, Weetabix packet promotions
• Production Note Subtitles
• Digitally remastered picture and sound quality

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