Monday, 19 July 2010

Barrowman on Torchwood 4 and why Ianto fans should 'get over it'

John Barrowman has revealed some little tidbits of Torchwood information during a recent interview including scripts, shooting info and why Ianto fans need to get over it. Most of the bits we know already though.

I won't put the whole interview in, just the relevent bits, so here goes.

In regards to scripts and filming...
"I can’t tell you anything about the script because I don’t know! The only thing I can say is that we will be filming in different locations in the UK and in North America next year, and Russell T Davies will be writing it. I don’t want to say that Jack will be the same but his sexuality will be honored. I can’t say much about [returning characters or stories] because it depends on the script. Russell has an arc of the story and is working on the script and that’s what I am waiting on."

In regards to Ianto's death and the fan reaction...
"Get over it. I know that’s harsh but comes a point where you have to move on with the story. We had to do something that would create a massive drama and we didn’t discuss it because everyone was happy with it and that was just it. But who knows what will happen in the future. I remember I tweeted a couple of weeks back announcing the new series of Torchwood and from all the replies I got only one person said that they were not going to watch it because Ianto wasn’t going to be in it, and I suspect that he probably will still watch! Jack will still be Jack and we will not put him back in the closet and people should let him have other relationships. I for one am excited by Captain Jack’s future."


  1. RTD is writing?
    I've kinda missed complaining about his scripts...

    It'll be interesting being able to compare the 2 different styles that he and Mr Moffat do...

  2. As far as Im concerned this is like the equivelant of Series Fnarg/5 of Doctor Who. A new beginning.

    Theyve taken away, The Hub, The SUV, Myfanwy (Pteradon), Ianto, Tosh, Owen, probably a lot of PC Andy and most majorly of all CARDIFF!!! Yes I know there will be some and some filming will still be done in Cardiff but thats not the point. Gone are all the Welsh jokes and Welsh scenery, The Police force and the Welsh locals!

    What did I forget?

  3. I absolutly agree with 2cajuman2, I will still be watching, because I ADORE Jack, but they took away EVERYTHING that was special about the show, they better make a freakin' big bang with the premier or it's just gonna go down the drain... (I know, reaaaally late comment... hahaha!)