Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Doctor Who Being Cancelled!!

Well obviously it isnt, but the monkeys over at The Sun have been sat in front of those expensive typewriters once again and this is the story they have come up with now.

Despite Steven Moffat speaking out last week to say that Matt Smith isnt going anywhere and the role of The Doctor isnt being recast, proving their last 'scoop' wrong about him quitting, they have once again outdone themselves and managed to work his quote into an admission that the show will instead be cancelled.

They have come up with this based on the fact that the first episode of Sherlock proved popular, and so with Steven Moffat at the helm of both, one will have to make room for the other.

Last week after they ran their story about Matt leaving, Steven Moffat made a comment about how he was staying for the forseeable and joked "Matt Smith is the Doctor and he has been an astonishing success and - who knows - maybe he will never regenerate again."

The Sun however have managed to see this as a claim that the Doctor will not be regenerating again because the show will be cancelled first to make way for Sherlock.

99% of people know not to believe anything that appears in The Sun, and I have already reported previously on the work already underway preparing for Series 7, and the fact we know Doctor Who is moving to the new Drama village for Series 8, so there is nothing to worry about, but lets hope this one gets nipped in the bud before people really do start believing it.

Thanks to @markacollins for finding the story.


  1. (Ceases hyperventilating after reading the headline)

    Don't DO that, man!

  2. Haha sorry. Was just trying to prove a point about bogus stories (usually from the Sun) :D

  3. sue the sun for slander and use the money for more dr who episodes

  4. Matt smith is awesome! I think he is the best doctor and certainly the most handsome!