Friday, 16 July 2010

Matt Smith Isn't Quitting Doctor Who

The Sun is having a slow news day again and so have decided to sit one of their monkeys down in front of a typewriter and make something sensational up. As is often the case with the Sun, they have turned their attention to Doctor Who, this time running a story that he plans to quit. It's bollocks! Ignore it.

What they are saying is this:

Matt, 27, has told pals he wants to go after just two series of the BBC1 sci-fi show so he can try his hand at movies.

The actor is currently filming this year's Christmas special with Karen Gillan, who plays his sidekick Amy Pond, and opera star Katherine Jenkins.

He will then go straight into production on the new series, which will air next year.

But a pal said: "Matt plans to quit after the next series.

"He is eager to try new things and thinks Hollywood beckons."

His Doctor Who exit would disappoint fans after he made a promising start as David Tennant's successor.

It would also shock BBC bosses, who had hoped that the younger actor would stay longer than the three series that Tennant did.

It's well documented that Matt Smith has signed a three year contract with the BBC, with the possibility to extend beyond, so the chances of Matt just deciding to give up at the end of series 6 just isn't going to happen unless the BBC release him from his contract by basically sacking him. Since planning on series 7 is already underway, you can be sure that you won't be saying hello to a new Doctor next summer. Unless you hear it from the BBC or Matt himself, discard it as rumour.

Matt recently told Digital Spy that he loved playing the Doctor and did not want "to give it up any time soon", quipping that he could continue in the role for "50 million years".


  1. Why does it matter? The Doctor regenerates, so no one should be in the role for years and years anyway, I think David Tennant did long enough, any longer and that is all you are known for as an actor. I would have liked more from Chris Eccleston, just because he was brilliant and I'd like more episodes to watch, but he had every right to leave if he chose to without all the abuse and stupidity from fans that he suffered for it. Good luck to Matt whatever he does (and the rumour is doubtful, as you say, I mean, its the Sun!!) I don't know why we think we have the right to be 'angry' or whatever if an actor leaves a job!

  2. I think 2 series with Matt Smith are enough and I hope he leaves next summer.

  3. The staff at The Sun have told pals that they intend to close shop and end the paper next month, to try starting a fish and custard stand. Possibly somewhere in Swansea, maybe Croydon. This, despite the fact that the staff at The Sun couldn't reliably operate a microwave oven, much less fry a fish.