Tuesday, 20 July 2010

More Christmas Casting

About two weeks ago, I posted an article about some Christmas special casting, but now I cant seem to find it. The Article stated the hiring of Danny Horn (via Jessica Carney Associates) in an unknown role for the special.

Todays post was meant to be an update to the previous article to say that we have been told he is playing a vicar, and that his tweets (@dannyhorn) indicate that they have been filming a christmas dinner scene in the TARDIS, though because I cant find the original article, you all get a full shiny and new one just for that tiny bit of information.

I will update you with more info as soon as we get it


  1. A dinner scene in the TARDIS? I don't think I've ever seen the Doctor eat INSIDE the TARDIS before. Oh, how I hope this is true :-)

  2. Whoa that would be cool though. I can imagine the invitations if there would be one.