Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Rory Poll Results

In the third and final part of our character polls, we turned our attention to Rory and hounded you to vote and let us know what you really think about him. Once again, you came out in force and we can now reveal the results.

An enormous 81% of you voted to say that you loved Rory and that he was a good addition to the TARDIS team. Our Twitter followers believe that he is a good foil for Amy and all his Auton gained experience should make for an interesting dynamic next series.

19% of voters felt they were still unsure about him and whether he will fit in. Some people commented on the fact that he still seems a bit 'wet', and were concerned that he will spend his time running around after his new wife.

As with every one of our character polls we also gave an option for those who dislike a character, but not one single person voted to say that they didnt like him or didnt want to see him in the TARDIS. Even the Doctor and Amy didnt achieve that one.

So once again, another poll over. What do you think of the results?


  1. Well... he is the most annoying person ever to be on dr.who ever. But the good news is when ever he's in a eposide I want a dalek to 'exterminate' him

  2. He makes dr.who funny. Not because his characters funny. No. It's because his actings so shit, it makes it funny.