Monday, 5 July 2010

The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 4 Titles Confirmed

Yes, we know these were released last week, but for those who have missed them or just plain didnt know, the latest issue of Doctor Who magazine has confirmed all six titles from the up-coming series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

And here they are...

Episode 1/2 - The Nightmare Man
This episode will feature Julian Bleach as the Nightmare Man who also starred as Davros during Series 4 of Doctor Who, and will also see the departure of Luke Smith

Episode 3-4 The Vault of Secrets

Episode 5/6 - Death of the Doctor
Written by Russell T Davies
This episode will feature the return of former Doctors companion Jo Grant, played by Katy Manning, last seen in the 1973 story, The Green Death. It will also feature the Eleventh Doctor, though as far as we know, no Amy or Rory. It will also be the first story of the show to visit another planet

Episode 7/8 - The Empty Planet

Episode 9/10 - Lost in Time

Episode 11/12 - Goodbye Sarah Jane Smith

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