Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Series 8 Confirmed?

In one of our earlier posts we told you how pre planning on series 7 has already started, with plots and characters said to be already being mapped out, but an interesting little bit of information in this months Doctor Who Magazine has indicated that Doctor Who will be around until at least the end of Series 8.

In the issue, it is mentioned that in 2012, production of the show will move from its current location in Upper Boat in Wales, where it has been made since the show returned in 2005 to the new BBC Drama village being built in Roath Basin, near Cardiff.

With this apparant confirmation of the move it would seem that Series 8 is most definately in the bag, as that will be the series in production during 2012. Obviously we want Doctor Who to carry on for as long as possible, but for the time being we can at least rest safe in the knowledge that there are at least another two series to come.

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