Monday, 26 July 2010

The TARDIS Handbook

It's the most famous police box in the world, but how much do we actually know about the Doctors time travelling TARDIS? A new book released by the BBC hopes to help out and answer all of these questions.

Coving 900 years worth of TARDIS history, the new companion book to the show sets out to tell you everything you ever needed to know about the famous blue box and is full of facts, guides pictures and information, as well as giving us a look at previous interiors and all those endless rooms and corridors. The full synopsis says:

"As the Eleventh Doctor and Amy embark on all-new adventures in time and space, The TARDIS Handbook gives you the inside scoop on 900 years of travel aboard the Doctor’s famous time machine. Everything you need to know about the TARDIS is here – where it came from, where it’s been, how it works, and how it has changed since we first encountered it in a London junkyard in 1963. Including photos, design drawings, floor plans and instruction manuals from different eras of the series, this handbook explores the ship’s endless interior, looking inside its wardrobe and bedrooms, its power rooms and sick bay, its corridors and cloisters, and revealing just how the show’s production teams have created the dimensionally transcendental police box, inside and out. The TARDIS Handbook is the essential guide to the best ship in the universe."

The book is already available, though is being reissued this month and is available from £8.99

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