Sunday, 11 July 2010

Top of the 2009 Specials

In our latest daily poll, we wanted to find out which of the gap year, 2009 specials was favourite amongst the fans. For 24 hours you vited, and we can now anounce that the winner is....

Set on Mars in the year 2059, the Doctor encounters the first human colony of the planet, Bowie Base One. This is commanded by Captain Adelaide Brooke who it is revealed plays a pivotal role in the history of the human race. When something infects the water, the Doctor must decide whether to use his knowledge of her fate to change history. Nearly half of all votes cast were given to this episode, gaining a total of 45%.

The End Of Time Part 2
The final episode of David Tennants run as the Tenth Doctor came in a close second, taking 35% of all votes cast.

The End Of Time Part 1
14% of voters considers the first part of this two part story to be the best episode aired suring the gap year in 2009.

Planet Of The Dead
Obviously not as favourable amongst fans, Planet of the Dead garnered just 6% of the votes cast and came last in our poll.

So there we have it. After all that time since the specials aired, we have finally found out which was the best. Worth the wait eh?

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  1. I think Waters of Mars should have been the regeneration episode. It had the best quality writing of those specials and was one of the best of the Russell T. Davies era. He should have closed out with this one and stuck a regeneration scene at the end. The End of Time was a bit of a let down because it was too long.