Thursday, 29 July 2010

Tovey On Torchwood

Fans have been speculating for months about who they would like to see appear in the new series of Torchwood, and one name that seems to be high on most people's lips is Midshipman Alonso Frame who was played by Russell Tovey. It seems the fan reaction has reached his ears because he spoke out this week at Comic Con about a possible role.

At the Being Human panel, a fan asked if he was going to be appearing and Tovey had this to say: "I dunno. No idea. Genuinely no idea. There's been lots of rumours. I did that scene in 'End of Time' and I never really thought anything of it. To be honest, I've never really watched Torchwood, but since then I've been bombarded with messages asking 'are you gonna be Jack's lover?' I genuinely don't know."

John Barrowman has previously spoken out to say he would like to see the character return, saying: "What I'd love, what I think would be great, is if Midshipman Frame became Jack's companion in Torchwood. He's the perfect companion for Jack. It'd be like Batman and Robin. Of course I'm Batman. He's Robin."

So no word yet, but it seems that it as least hasnt been ruled out. Would you like to see him return? Let us know by commenting below.


  1. It'd be interesting... and if nothing else it would certainly help keep the whole thing rooted in the "Whoniverse"... I say that bearing in mind RTD wants to bring in American writers...

  2. No thanks. Let's get someone for Jack who's at least got a personality - it'd be a change!