Friday, 6 August 2010

The Best Of Series 1

After 12 days of polls to find the Ultimate Companion, our newest poll was aimed at trying to find your favourite episode from the first series of the show sinse its revival. You came out in force, once again, and here are the results.

Aliens of London/World War Three got 0% of the votes
The Long Game got 0% of the votes
Boom Town got 0% of the votes
The End of the World got 1% of the votes
Rose got 2% of the votes
The Unquiet Dead got 2% of the votes
Fathers Day got 8% of the votes
Dalek got 10% of the votes
Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways got 24% of the votes

And the winner of the round is The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances which managed 51% of the votes.

This story saw The Doctor and Rose land in war torn London during the height of the Blitz, and featured a mysterious gas masked child in search of his 'mummy'. This is also the story which introduced us to Captain Jack Harkness, who went on to head his own spin off show, Torchwood.

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