Sunday, 29 August 2010

Children In Need First Showings Poll

In years gone by, the Children In Need event has been host to specially filmed mini episodes and trailers that have seen all us Who junkies through until Christmas, but this year so far there has been no news that we will be getting either, so in our latest poll we have been asking you whether you would prefer to see a specially filmed insert, or a first look at the Christmas trailer. Here are the results.

6% of people who voted said that they would like to see a trailer for Xmas. Last year we didnt get the trailer, but we were privvy to a special screening of the first few minutes of The End Of Time.

44% of the people who cast a vote said they were happy to see either, just as long as they got to see something.

But just heading up the poll, with 50% of the votes were the people who said that they would like to see a specially filmed scene or mini episode screened at the event this year.

As yet nothing has been announced that we will get either, but we can live in hope. Two specially filmed scenes have been made to be featured on the Series 5 box set however.

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