Saturday, 7 August 2010

Demon Quest: The Demon Of Paris

Information about The Demon Of Paris, the second of five stories in the new Fourth Doctor Demen Quest range, has become available, with new cover artwork and synopsis. The audio, which will once again feature Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor, alongside Susan Jameson and Richard Franklin as Mrs Wibbsey and Mike Yates, is set 19th century France, and sounds like it will be a good old Parisian romp. The synopsis is as follows:
Someone has painted the Doctor’s likeness into a famous poster, and it leads him and Mrs Wibbsey to Paris in the 1890s, home of countless artisans and their muses. There is murder on the streets, and whispers that Toulouse-Lautrec is to blame. Immersed in both the delights of the Moulin Rouge and the shadows of Montmarte Cemetary, the travellers soon discover the gruesome truth…

The audio will be available from October 7th in the UK, and early December in the USA.

Articles on the final three stories in the audio range, A Shard of Ice, Starfall and Sepulchre which are due for release in November and December, will be coming soon.

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