Monday, 23 August 2010

Doctor Who Comes To The Nintendo Wii & DS

Information about the brand new Doctor Who games that will be available on the Nintendo Wii and DS has finally been released.

The game, although the same on both platforms, will go under the name Evacuation Earth on the DS and Return to Earth on the Wii. Here is a synopsis:
The Doctor and Amy arrive on a human colony ship returning to Earth after is was rendered uninhabitable by solar flares. Withour Provocation, they are attacked by the ships maintenance robots and become seperated in the struggle.

The Doctor is led to the ship's HQ where he discovers a Cyber Leader has connected himself to the ships AI and is blackmailing it into doing his bidding, or else he will kill the crew. Meanwhile, Amy is ambushed by the Cybermen that were hiding in the ships.

Doctor Who: Return to Earth will be avilable on both formats from October 29th with an RRP of £34.99

This comes from The Ultimate Doctor Who Site, and they dont have a source, so take it with a pinch of salt in case it is completely fabricated. I only say this because I cant find anything else mentioned anywhere, but thought it was worth mentioning just in case.

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  1. Both games (DS and wii) can be pre-ordered @ But no screenshots so far...