Friday, 20 August 2010

The Master of all Masters

We have polled just about everyone else, and it seemed a shame to leave him out, so for the last 24 hours we have been asking you to vote and let us know which incarnation of the Master has been your favourite. The results are as follows.

1% of the votes went to Peter Pratt (The Deadly Assassin)
2% of the votes went to Geoffrey Beevers (Keeper Of Traken)
3% of the votes went to Eric Roberts (Tv Movie)
4% of the votes went to Derek Jacobi (Utopia)
14% of the votes went to Anthony Ainley (Various serials 1981-1989)
16% of the votes went to Roger Delgado (Various serials 1971-1973)

But winning this round, with 60% of the final votes is John Simm who played the master from 2007 to 2010.

Making 5 appearances in the new series of Doctor Who, the Master returned after an 18 year absence from tv screens, with the exception of the Television Movie. After having his Time Lord memory restored and regenerating, the Master made his way to Earth where he become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. After a long reign and the imprisonment of the Doctor, the Masters world began to crumble around him, and after being shot by his wife, and refusing to regenerate, he was cremated by the Doctor. However, after being resurrected the Master creates the 'Master Race' and has one final showdown with the Doctor (cutting a very long story, very short here) gets sucked into the Time Locked Gallifrey, and we havent seen him since.

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