Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The River Debate

For the past 24 hours we have been asking you to vote in our poll to find out how you would feel about River Song becoming a full time companion to the Doctor. Once again you came out in force, and here are the results of the poll.

21% of people voted to say that they would hate for her to become a full time companion, and feel that we have already seen too much of the character.

36% of people voted to say that they would absolutely love to see her take a full time place on the TARDIS team in the future

But with 43% of the votes, most people said that although they like the character and are happy for her to keep appearing, they feel that her sporadic 'timey wimey' appearances make for a better story, and would prefer to keep it that way.

So there we have it. It seems most people want her to keep appearing, but only on a temporary basis. Do you agree with the results? Let us know below.

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