Friday, 13 August 2010

The Series 5 Villains Poll

In a change to the normal format, our latest poll has been running for 24 hours because I had to go away with work. We are back on track now though and the results are in for your favourite villains of series 5

In last place is The Hologram with 0% of the votes
9th place goes to The Silurians with 1% of the votes
8th place, with 2% of the votes is the Krafayis
7th place is awarded to the Daleks with 3% of the votes
6th place goes to Prisoner Zero with 3% of the votes
5th place is taken by The Smilers/Winders with 4% of the votes
4th place, with 5% of the votes is the Saturnynes
3rd place goes to The Alliance with 11% of the votes
2nd place is awarded to the Weeping Angels with 30% of the votes

But taking first place with 41% of the votes is The Dream Lord

Making his first appearance in 2010's Amy's Choice, the Dream Lord was revealed to be a dark version of the Doctors personality. He was "awoken" by specks of Psychic Pollen from the Candle Meadows of Karass Don Slava that had got stuck in the time rotor of the Doctor's TARDIS console, and proceeded to haunt and manipulate the dreams of the TARDIS crew. Many speculated that he is an early manifestation of the Valeyard.

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