Saturday, 28 August 2010

The SJA Poll

With the newest series of The Sarah Jane Adventures about to debut in the next few weeks, we have been asking you to vote and let us know if you will be watching. The results are in, and here they are.

4% of people who voted said that they hated the show and would be watching under no circumstances.

6% of people who voted said that they would wait until they are able to buy or download it before they watched

12% of people said they would view it if they catch it, but would not go out of their way to sit down and watch

30% of people said that they will probably tune in for the story featuring the Doctor and Jo Grant, but no others

But 48% of voters said that they love the show and can't wait for it to start, saying they never miss an episode if they can help it

The new series of The Sarah Jane Adventures starts this autumn on CBBC.

1 comment:

  1. I love SJA, it feels more like DW than Torchwood for me. I'm doing a rewatch with a mate of mine in the run up to S4, thou we did miss the pilot episode's such a clunker :( Bringing Clyde on board made it a much better program in my eyes.