Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Viewing Habits Poll

For the last 24 hours, we have been asking you whether or not you are an avid viewer of Doctor Who as a whole, or whether you are only a fan of the revival series. Many people felt that the bias towards new Who was as a result of people not being familiar with the classic series, so in an attempt to find out who watches what, here are our resutls.

38% of people who voted have said that they are only really fans of the shows revival, with many people tweeting us to say they either werent born, or were too young to remember the original series, and despite loving the revival, arent too bothered about catching up on the older stuff.

62% of the people who have voted however, say that they are fans of both the classic and new series, with most people tweeting to say they regularly watch both, and lots also claiming that they prefer the classic series on the whole.

So there we have it. Do these results surprise you? Let us know below.

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