Monday, 6 September 2010

Favourite Series 5 Guest Star

Series five had some amazing guest stars in various roles throughout the series, though not all were met with the greatest of receptions. We have been asking for the last 24 hours which was your favourite, and here are the results.

Ian McNeice received 1% of the votes as Churchill in Victory of the Daleks
Helen McCrory received 2% of the votes as Rosanna in The Vampires Of Venice
Meera Syal received 4% of the votes as Nasreen in The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood
James Cordon received 8% of the votes as Craig in The Lodger
Toby Jones received 10% of the votes as The Dreamlord in Amy's Choice
Bill Nighy received 11% of the votes as Dr Black in Vincent and the Doctor
Alex Kingston received 28% of the votes as River Song

But proving to be the most popular guest star of the latest series, taking 36% of the total votes, is Tony Curran who starred as Vincent Van Goch in Vincent and the Doctor

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