Friday, 3 September 2010

The Hardest Goodbyes

The life span of a Torchwood member is shockingly short, as most everybody knows. For the last 24 hours we have been asking you to relive those painful memories of death and tell us which member you miss the most. So with a tear in the eye, here are the results

2% of the people who voted said they missed Suzie the most
5% of the people who votes said they missed Owen the most
19% of people who voted said they missed Toshiko the most

But 74% of people who voted chose Ianto Jones as the most missed member of the Torchwood team.

A member of the team from episode one, Ianto managed to survive 2 whole series before being killed by the 456 in the penultimate episode of Children of Earth.

I should add however that somebody messaged via twitter to say they had voted multiple times (not sure why), so although Ianto may still have won, his percentage would no doubt have been a lot lower.

Interestingly despite winning the poll, nearly all of the messages we recieved from Twitter followers said that they felt that the Ianto situation was overhyped and unnecissary considering what a little part he played in the shows first two series.

But what do you think? Scribble below.

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