Saturday, 11 September 2010

A Night At The Proms

Well the BBC has had a few showings of the Doctor Who Proms this week, and following last nights extended showing we wanted to know what your thoughts were. Here is how you voted.

2% of the people who voted said that they thought the proms were awful and not worth watching.

12% of the people who voted said that although they enjoyed this years Proms, they felt that they were better in previous years

25% of voters said they didnt get a chance to watch them at all

But a massive 61% of the people who voted said that this years Proms were amazing and the best one since Doctor Who started atteneding the Proms all those moons ago.

Did you watch them? Let us know your thoughts below.

1 comment:

  1. I thought they were amazing. I cried like a baby (as I always do) at Tennants regeneration music, its the best piece of music (apart from Doomsday of course)

    I did like Matt Smiths bit with the kid and Karen was ok. Generally an amazing watch.