Sunday, 31 October 2010

Latest News Update

I have been out of action for a little while and there have been lots of updates in the Whoniverse so here is all the latest.

Over on the forum, Oh Wise One reported that Marnix Van Den Broeke has been seen on set over the last few days. The actor and stuntman has previously worked on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkhaban and The Hogfather.

Sandiwich11 posted some pictures from filming of the first two episodes which saw Cardiff transformed in to 1960's New York.

Iceman also pointed out that the flag used on set and seen in the photograh through the link is one from pre 1960 which means either we will be seeing some timey wimey happenings or there is a glaring continuity error.

The BBC have revealed that we will be getting a sneak peak at the Christmas Special when it airs its annual Children In Need telethon on November 19th. Now word yet on whether we will get the reveal of a name, but it has been pointed out by Roranicus that there will be a special screening at the BFI on December 12th so if we dont find out the name at CIN then we should certainly know the name and plot outline by then.

In Torchwood news, Chad Michael Murray famous for his role in One Tree Hill, Enver Gjokaj who starred in Dollhouse and Amber Stevens who stars in Greek have all been tipped for parts in The New World, though Chad and Enver are apparantly after the same role.

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