Sunday, 10 October 2010

Moffat Confirms American Filming?

Earlier this week it was rumoured that filming of series 6 will take place in America for a story, rumoured to be an adaptation of the Terrance Dicks novel Blood Harvest. Now though it seems that Moffat has confirmed these rumours in a recent interview. In2town has reported him saying this:
“The Doctor has visited every weird and wonderful planet you can imagine, so he was bound get round to America eventually! And of course every Doctor Who fan will be jumping up and down and saying he’s been in America before. But not for real, not on location – and not with a story like this one! Oh, you wait!”

Sounds very exciting, if true.

EDIT: This has been confirmed by BBCAmerica who have stated that the first two episodes will be set in the US. Other reports have come in stating that they will feature the return of River Song and filming will commence in November

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