Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Regeneration Limit Issue!

A long time ago someone somewhere wrote that the Time Lords where limited to just 12 regenerations. Ever since then fans have speculated about what will happen when the Doctor reaches incarnation number 13. This is soon due to be addressed though, as an upcoming episode of spin off series The Sarah Jane Adventures will tie up the loose ends and finally reveal what will happen when Doctor number 13 reaches his untimely demise.

Thing is, for a lot of fandom this little bit of information is just too big to be covered in a lowly spin off and want it addressed in the main show. Add to that the ammount of people who said they are even more incensed that it is being written by the monster that is Russell T Davies and we have quite an interesting poll.

So This is how you voted.

6% of voters said that they prefer the idea of this being covered away from the main show.
11% of people feel that this shouldnt be addressed at all, and simply left at 12 regenerations
30% of people said that it didnt matter where it was dealt with, as long as it gets wrapped up

But 53% of the people said they are angry that it is being covered in a spin off series, as they feel it is too important to not be covered in Doctor Who.

So there we have it. Do you agree? Let us know below.

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  1. The doctor reachs no.3 it should be done on doctor who. But the SJA and Tochwood can to the doctor's death but looking at it from different view points. It'll be good it get rid of Matt Smith.