Friday, 8 October 2010

Return Of The Old School Daleks

After all the furore surrounding the new and colourful Daleks, Steven Moffat has gone on record to say that they were only created as a way to get money out of the BBC because they only had 3 Dalek props in storage, and that the old RTD style ones will be making their return.

With that in mind, we wanted to know in our latest poll if you were happy with this.

2% of the people who voted said that they would prefer to stick with the new design seen in Series 5
24% said they dont want to see the Daleks return in any form
35% of voters said they like both designs so would be happy to see either

But just inching ahead, 39% of the people who voted said that they would prefer to see a return to the older design as they dont like the new one.

So there we have it. Do you agree with these results? Let us know below. The polls return on Monday.


  1. The rts daleks are perfect in my opinion. The changes made do nothing to improve a classic design icon. They look cheap, the proportions are wrong and worst of all one can see straightvthrough the neck section - it's supposed to be full of machinery and tech. Goodcto hear moffs comments. There's nothing wrong introducing different types of dalek but I don't think it should be at the expense of the original designs

  2. This is great news, but Moffat's comment is a complete u-turn in the face of fan opposition to the new design. If the New Paradigm Daleks are just an "officer class" to the RTD design, how come the production team were trumpeting them as the future of the Daleks? How come there are none of the RTD design in the "City of the Daleks" game, or the "Only Good Dalek" graphic novel. The former was touted by Moffat as an "additional episode", the latter approved by the production team. If the old Daleks weren't intended to have been completely replaced by the new ones, surely we'd have seen some evidence by now. Right now it looks like Moffat and co have realised that they've alienated a chunk of fandom and are back pedalling while pretending this is always the way it was planned.

  3. I think they should NOT pander to what the sissy stuck in the past fans want...the new Daleks kick ass!! and ive seen people complain that they look silly and arent scary??? but what?? the Daleks have always looked silly and they have NEVER been scary!!! People need to allow things to change, because nearly everytime they do..they change for the better...

  4. The new Daleks are great big brutal and power but the colour designs should have been given more thought and the voices are powerful which is what a Dalek is about, i would like to see the insides of the new ones and see if any change has been done to the mutant ive heard mixed views been around Doctor Who many years now dont forget the originals give the new breed a chance.

  5. Bring back the 2005 gold daleks. Keep the new 'power ranger' ones to baby books. Love the suprme dalek from jouneys ends

  6. Keep the new daleks as like generals led by a 'jornuy's end' supreme dalek and keep old daleks as soliders. Also have a new cult of skaro