Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Matt Smith On The Late Late Show

Despite the annoying guy who is hosting the show, Matt Smiths appearance on The Late Late Show was a good one, and in case you weren't in America to see it, here it is. As far as i know, it is also the first appearance of an incumbent Doctor on an American prime time chat show.


  1. "Despite the annoying guy who is hosting the show..."

    :-O!!!!!!! >:-o?!?!!?

    craig ferguson is hilarious!! and enthusiastic!! and unique! whaaaaaaaat!??! personally, I think he's one of the better late night hosts we have. I also love how he takes this low budget talk show and makes it into something fantastic.

    I loved how he tried to educate everyone on Doctor Who...and rightfully so. too bad about that dance number in the beginning getting cut. >.< glad he brought matt smith onto the show as well. he was adorkable as always!! he absolutely shined!

    I was amazed that an American talk show dedicated an entire show to doctor who. obviously, the majority of the audience didnt have a clue, but it's a step. and craig took that step. and i loved it!!! great show.

    erm...sorry...just...never heard anyone say anything negative about craig ferguson before. took me by surprise. lol. (=

  2. he can't be annoying, HE'S SCOTTISH!