Monday, 22 November 2010

Return To Earth Chart Placing

Return To Earth, the new Doctor Who game for the Nintento Wii has this weekend charted at number 11 on the Official Nintendo Wii Chart.

While many online sites are calling this a failure, its placing at eleven is actually a result of only 2 days worth of sales which when put into perspective isnt actually that bad.

Assuming sales stay steady, then a higher chart placing is expected on next weeks chart.


  1. Shame it's such an execrably awful game. I didn't have high hopes, but this really is the most amazing pile of poop I have even seen.

    It is both the worst Doctor Who game (and I've seen some stinkers), AND the worst Wii game ever, both at the same time. I guess in itself that is some kind of achievement.

    One to avoid. Cross the street if you see it in public. Yes, it really is that bad.

  2. but its doctor who, so you know some people who don't even own a wii will buy it, just for their collection.