Friday, 19 November 2010

Series 6 Episode Details Revealed

Lots of info coming through over the last few days about the Christmas Special and the first few episodes of Series 6 thanks to DWM and our brilliant forum members. Here is a breakdown of what we know.

A Christmas Carol
Amy and Rory are on their honeymoon during the episode, and run into trouble when the pleasure cruise spaceship they’re travelling on finds itself under attack from “something very nasty”. The spaceship is orbiting an alien planet, which is where the Doctor is for a considerate part of the story. This therefore causes Amy and Rory to be separated from the Time Lord for the majority of the episode.

Neil Gaimans Episode
In this episode, the TARDIS breaks down on an alien junkyard world, which is where the Doctor encounters Idris played by Suranne Jones.

"By the time the Doctor and friends meet her, she’s gone mad and ends up biting the Time Lord. . . but not on the bum".

"It’s rumoured Idris and the Doctor have met before, so who could she be? A new incarnation of the Rani, perhaps? Maybe the Master? Or a future version of the Doctor him. . . er, herself?"

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