Friday, 19 November 2010

Wii Game Slated

The brand new Doctor Who game which was today released on the Wii console has been panned by critics. The Official Nintendo Magazine had this to say:
If you're a child, and you're reading this, you deserve better. I'm sorry people my age have slapped you in the face like this. But use the lesson well. Remember the hatred games like this rightfully deserve, and vow that you'll never produce such an execrable turd in your own adult life. Promise me that, and this won't have all been in vain. Playing Return To Earth is a profoundly miserable experience. The story's abysmal, an incoherent, contrived excuse to throw the big villains in. The script is also bad - odd lines of excruciatingly awkward dialogue sandwiched between tech-babble whose only purpose is to explain the irrelevant, repetitive gameplay.

While SFX opined that the games were:
Clearly made by people who hate games, sci-fi, and everything decent about humanity

Have you got the game yet? What are yout thoughts?

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