Saturday, 6 November 2010

Torchwood 4 Interview With RTD And Julie Gardner

Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner have given an interview about Torchwood 4 explaining how it came about, where they plan to take it and what's in store for the show after the next series.

Now, the interview is really long so you should GO HERE to read it all, but here is a little snippet for you.
The monster-of-the-week stories were brilliant, in their day, in Torchwood, but having discovered this new format, I think it’s more ambitious and intelligent. It allows you to stop and take pause and look at the world. Those ambitions are admirable. While I’m on the show, that will never stop. While the show keeps running, we’ll never go back to the week-to-week stories.
And here is another...
I think the show works very well as an examination of the human race because there’s not really many other races we can examine. So, yeah, it is about us. I think all great science fiction comes down to that, in the end. The best metaphors in Buffy came down to, “What’s it like to be in high school, as a kid?” It’s the same with Torchwood: The New World. It’s about us and our decisions and our lives, and how we live with each other and how we die with each other. That forms the core of the story.

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