Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A Little Announcement

Hi all.

You have no doubt noticed how quiet this place has been over the last few weeks, which I offer big apologies for. I've missed updating you all with the latest news and insights from Doctor Who. Unfortunately at the moment I'm quite ill and so I need to take some more time out. As you know, I run this place on my own so while I am away there is nobody to keep the news ticking over and with the Christmas Special coming up this is really bad timing, but I am going to try and come on with some new stuff around the airing and will hopefully be back to full posting brilliance from the new year.

In the meantime (another forum plug coming up) the forum is constantly being updated with all the latest news and spoilers so you are only one extra click away from all the good stuff, so be sure to keep visiting there for your fix until this place is back to proper functionality.


The Doctor In The TARDIS will be back, bigger and better than ever in just a few weeks so make sure you stick around.


  1. sounds like someone could use a doctor...

  2. Hope you feel better soon Doc! The place isn't the same without you. :)

  3. Brilliant blog! Please watch our live show at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/j-n-2 ON christmas eve at 7:30pm until 8:10pm thanks so much!!!!!!