Monday, 10 January 2011

Become A Forum Moderator

Hot on the heels of gaining 3 new roleplay moderators, we are now on the lookout for two new additional moderators to join the core moderating team and help us behind the scenes with the goings on and general running of the forum.

As most of the current team will tell you, it isnt very hard work but you do get to keep a watchful eye over sections of the forum and get to read and post lots about Doctor Who and it's spinoffs, which is never bad, is it?

The Doctor In The TARDIS is entering its fifth full month of operations and the continued rate of growth has meant that the current moderating team is also expanding. This is your opportunity to put yourself forward for a position and to help moderate the day to day posting as well as to help expand and shape the forum to make it bigger and better for all of our members, both current and future.

The opportunity to become a moderator is open to everyone and all applicants will be considered. The level is always very high though so make sure you tell us exactly why you would be the best person for the job. It doesnt matter if you have been posting here for a day, since we opened or are signing up specifically for the opportunity. Everyone will be considered. What is most important is that you understand the ethos of the forum and are willing to learn and participate whilst also undertaking the responsibilities of a moderator.

The current moderating team will review every application and the new moderators will be decided upon as a team. If you want the (unpaid, yet very rewarding) job, then send me a PM on the forum with a reason why you think you would be a good moderator for The Doctor In The TARDIS plus any experience you may have. You must put yourself forward for the position no later than Monday 24th January, and the new moderators will be announced Friday 28th January.

The Doctor In The TARDIS Team


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