Saturday, 1 January 2011

The Search Is On...

Finally out of the planning stages and onto the main forum, tonight we have opened our brand new section dedicated to RolePlaying. Its all there and waiting to be used, but now we need you to help us out.

The section will be moderated by three new team members, whose sole responsibility will be to oversee the smooth running and rule adherence of this area of the forum. One of the moderators has already been chosen, but that leaves two positions still to fill and this is where you come in. First though, here is a little about the role.

The new moderators will be looking after the entire section which has been given the umbrella title 'The Myth Makers'. So far there are three sections to govern, one for Doctor Who, one for Torchwood and one for general RP's that take place outside of the Whoniverse. This may be expanded upon request though, so the role my grow. As a moderator you will be responsible for making sure that all RPers adhere to the section and overall forum rules. You will have access to modification tools to fully moderate topics, threads and individual posts and will need to make sure that all the relevent scenarios are kept within their relevent section and move, edit or remove any that aren't. You will also have to act as a point of contact for all players to make sure that they are given any help that they may require when within the section. It is also important that you keep the section ticking over and make sure that users have everything that they need while using it.

If you think that you can cope with all of that then we are one step closer to finding our new moderators. This is what we are looking for from you. We need people with experience for starters. Though you don't need to be actively involved with RP, we do need people who are familiar with it and able to monitor it closely enough to moderate it successfully. Experience of RP is a massive bonus too and those willing to get involved and join in as well as just moderating over the section will stand a far better chance. We want to give people who use the section the best experience possible and this will be easier to do with a moderating team who know exactly what they are doing and what the players will expect from them.

If you think that you are the person for the job then put yourself forward today. You don't need to currently be a member to apply for the position but you will need to sign up in order to put yourself forward and people who are familiar with the ethos of the forum and how we currently work stand a stronger chance, though ultimately the two people who are best for the role will be chosen. If you want to moderate the brand new section and help steer its success then drop me a PM on the forum detailing your experience and why you think you are the best for the role and the new moderators will be announced on Sunday January 9th. The last date you can put yourself forward will be midnight (GMT) on Friday January 7th.

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