Saturday, 12 March 2011

Air Date Poll Results

With news that Series 6 of Doctor Who is due to air from April 23rd, and rumours that the opening two parter would be shown on consecutive nights, out latest poll has been to find out how you would prefer it to screen. The results are as follows.

1% of the people who voted said that they didnt care when or how it airs because they have no intention of tuning in to watch anyway.

29% of the people who voted said that they would prefer to wait the usual week between episodes, as with the series being split it is already feeling too short.

31% of people said they didnt mind either way, they would just be happy with the show being back on the air.

39% of people voted however said that they would prefer to see the two parter aired over two consecutive nights as apposed to waiting a week in between.

So there we have it. Nothing is confirmed as yet, but it has been strongly suggested that 39% of our voters will be getting their wish this Easter.

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